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Mac was born in Kamloops , British Columbia. Mac's first job, at age seven, was to read the Bible to an ex- Son of Freedom ; she was paid a quarter a page. Mac dropped out of high school in Grade eleven, completing her secondary education by correspondence. She trained as a paramedic at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Mac also worked at various times as a sign language interpreter, a bookstore clerk, and a child and youth advocate in a transition house.

A self-confessed book-aholic, Mac credits Louise Fitzhugh , author of Harriet the Spy , with the realization of "what kind of power words carry, and how they can be used to sharpen your own identity and injure others. Mac explains that Raymond Carver showed her that "the lives of working class people my people are filled with stories worth writing about too, and that you don't need to go on and on and on and on to relate human emotions when you can nail it down so adroitly with less.

The Soundings series is written specifically for reluctant or difficult to engage readers, also known as hi-lo readers high interest, low reading level. It features contemporary themes, often including what might be considered controversial material and language. All of Mac's YA novels have queer , gay or questioning characters. She says of her work "I know for myself that I can't leave queer characters out of my writing, even if they're gay and only I know it, or I don't spell it out.

Quill and Quire describe Mac as a "powerhouse" and her novel The Opposite of Tidy as "irresistible and not to be missed. Bott, in VOYA, said of The Beckoners , "The powerful intensity in this book will either keep the reader riveted or forced to take breaks from the haunting discomfort. The fluidity of the storytelling, as well as the dramatic circumstances of the story, are likely to attract Orca Soundings readers. The book "was challenged due to profanity, sexual content and violence. Highly Recommended. Mac lives in Vancouver with her children. She is a queer [16] [17] mom and attachment parent.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. CBC Radio-Canada. Retrieved 24 December Retrieved Egoff Children's Literature Prize". Canadian Children's Book Centre.

Archived from the original on 23 December The Globe and Mail. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Something About the Author. Detroit: Gale. I think the speech accent archive would be stronger as a page than the elicitation paragraph itself, but this information could be added to the GMU page otherwise. Spoopy - a slang word derived from a misspelling on a Halloween decoration from ; [34] ; [35] stop shortening — a phonological process in which a long consonant is reduced to a single consonant The one source I found [5] which uses this term uses it in a different context, and so I think this is generally just called " degemination ", [6] which is discussed briefly at the end of the phonology section of Gemination.

French profanity - the Quebec French profanity article is well-developed, but there is no coverage of Metropolitan French German profanity - currently only a stub category, compare to German-language article or mat Russian profanity Serbo-Croatian profanity - would be an interesting article, the language has a very colorful way of expressing profanity.

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Research at CCPR focuses on the analysis of demographic behavior. Recent projects include studies of neighborhood effects on health, residential segregation, and the effects of job loss on health. Functional imperative theoretical concept western feminism Gender empathy gap - there is a lot of research done on this subject.

It is also touched in Women are wonderful effect and Psychological abuse but it deserves an article for itself. Institute for the Study of Nonviolence - founded by pacifist folksinger Joan Baez in California Japanese settlement in the Northern Mariana Islands Matelotage The 17th century practice of a civil union between two men, similar to marriage. Often involves romance, and dedicating one's matelot as your sole inheritor. Most common among pirates. So, there ought be an article 'Men In India'. It could provide information about the lifestyle of men, history, significant achievements by men, and problems faced by them such as misuse of law, crimes against men, etc.

Translated by Paul, Eden ; Paul, Cedar. There's an article about this in de. Many articles in English-language Wikipedia reference this phrase, some apparently in this specific sense. Russian youth - Russian youth and their culture White Cape Verdeans piroca bottle Bolsonaro election meme in White Gabonians Stop Education Discrimination Against Iranians SEDAI campaign This is a campaign started in May in Norway following the restrictions for university admission and resident permit of Iranian students in technical field with justification of UN sanctions and domestic export control.

He received his B.

D at Harvard, along with an M. Looks like her work has received some attention as well [53] Nitza M. Hidalgo - notable for his educational theory re. Henslin, suggested that education, religion and romantic love be added to the list; possibly related to Robin M. Williams Jr. Born age 65 years , in Mexico. Jackson Toby - Jackson Toby , American sociologist, educator. Achievements include special research adolescent delinquency in the United States, Sweden, Japan, other countries, on violence and dropouts in American public schools.

Alcohol abuse in Ireland Asian-American Jews , e. None of the entries in BE seem to describe this I'd recommend expanding Yamato period with information from [7] rather than creating an independent article. Used by the Mangbetu tribe in central Africa.

Parents Without Partners - Also known as PWP, this social and support organization for single parents has been in existence since , having grown from its first meeting in NYC to multiple chapters across the U. This article could be a great contribution to the research initiated by George Frost Kennan and developed by later authors he inspired Poruwa Ceremony pre-engagement Rajputs of Bihar , Category:Rajput clans of Bihar sacrificial dagger schnapps number sexual emergency Sixth Sun Southern aristocrat sparrow tattoo — e. Please add all feminist figures there.

Native-American women Nazi feminism Panel of American Women — desegregation and cultural-expansion effort started by Sara Alderman Murphy ; grew out of the Women's Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools WEC Permanent Wave organization — online network of feminist artists and activist; founded in ; has chapters in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco; [73] [Prepatriarchy]] Portrayal of women in film - like Portrayal of women in film noir but broader in scope; critical assessments, related to film studies and gender studies rope bed Saudi Arabian Female Refugees - Multiple articles describing such cases warrant an article for such.

Shifting Criteria - spontaneous shifting of criteria that disadvantages minority groups. Please file requests for all individual folklorists there. Impakta life-cycle rituals motif index New York Folklore Society occupational folklife philosophy of praxis Shagmaw Special Containment Procedures — a series of fictional governmental documents detailing the handling of various supernatural and otherwise anomalous objects and entities tale-type Tennessee Folklore Society. Camp Everytown — a leadership camp for high-school students; deals with the understanding of identity and cultural development, gender and racial bias, and self-expression Native American Responses to Climate Change Intersectional nationalism The Wages of Whiteness — Race and the Making of the American Working Class — a book by David R.

In Ethnicity, Inc. Through a wide-ranging exploration of the changing relationship between culture and the market, they address a pressing question: Wherein lies the future of ethnicity? Although the authors are anthropologists, the theory they propose contribution to science and data used examples of culture or applicable instances of theory will be appreciated by all the social sciences but will be of particular interest to sociology Comaroff, John L.

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Ethnicity, Inc. University of Chicago Press, A-level crisis of - in which accusations of political manipulation of educational results were made afterguard — [78] Alazne given name wikidata:Q feminine given name used in Spain. From the Basque for "miracle". Our festival was inspired originally by the Awakenings disability arts festival of Horsham, Victoria , Australia.

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I've added Awakenings to the Culture section for Horsham, with a reference. Any Ozzies out there want to work on a new page for your country's "only regional disability arts festival"? Bias response team - over universities in the US have introduced "Bias response teams" where anyone can report anonymously cases of discrimination or bias in their campuses. Note the dab page at Mountain View Cemetery. The notion or arguments that males or females are biologically or psychologically superior; these ideas have been flirted with by radical feminists as well as supporters of patriarchy ex.

Thy social issues in France Sociocryonics - the usually externally imposed preservation of archaic social forms, from How Colonialism Preempted Modernity in Africa , by Olufemi Taiwo Temperance orders - temperance orders created in America in the Progressive Era for character building; related to Boy Scouts created in Britain and Boy Brigades also created in Britain establishments. Using a volunteer model, they provide free legal representation to asylum seekers and victims of human trafficking in MN, ND, and SD. They consult with the United Nations and submit reports on human rights around the world.

They train international and local partners on human rights mechanisms and work to increase their capacity. They fully fund a school in Nepal the Sankhu-Palubari Community School which provides a completely free education to the most impoverished children in the community. The school was established 20 years ago.

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They run court observation programs for local criminal courts focusing on violence against women, domestic violence, trafficking, harassment and for immigration court. Young Evangelicals for Climate Action - movement of young evangelicals in the United States to address the climate change crisis; more at the requester's user subpage. Swift's Legend of the Mer. The German article referred to is about a creature or a specific myth, but the English article we have is about a movie.