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It is in this upscale neighbourhood where is found the main unofficial officially, Algeria has no gay places. On the terrace, families devour shawarmas the equivalent of kebabs Ed. The atmosphere is rather laid-back. Looking relaxed, young people spend their evenings laughing and getting to know each other. Here, you can have a better time than in Paris.

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Thirty or so people squatting at the bar are not capable of representing a significant part of the LGBT community living in Algeria. After the bar closes at 3 a. Driving down the hill in cars that smell like new, the most affluent gays spend their time going to nightclubs. But, of course, cover charges remain a luxury for many young people across the country. Along with concerns relating to gender identity, the gay community must face an upsurge of HIV and STI sexually transmitted infections cases. To date, two thousand people with HIV have been reported in Algeria.

Stigmatizing people with AIDS, the population cruelly exacerbates a culture of rejection and contempt. As everywhere, homosexuals are among the most affected.

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To deal with this affliction, Yahia and his team are calling for international solidarity. Neither the state nor the politicians, much less the Algerian population, have any sensitivity towards the gay community. The homosexuals long for only one thing: to go far away, to escape a society that causes them so much pain.

For them, patience continues to be the only way to face this sexual crisis. Will they have enough courage to face up to their difference? The Algerians of the Maghreb and the North Africans living in France and Belgium come together in thought by lighting a candle at home, in their house, in their bedroom, discreetly, so as not to get caught by anti-LGBT or homophobic parents, neighbours or others.

The most daring ones light one up on the balcony or in the living room. A côté de cette bataille sexuelle, se joue aussi un combat social, déterminant pour leur avenir. Alger : Avec ses faubourgs, ses minarets, et ses rues où déambulent les passants, un air de paix réside sur cette ville baignée par la mer et le soleil. Il est dix heures du matin. Parfois, on peut faire de formidables rencontres. Nombreux sont les internautes qui surfent sur le web pour rencontrer leur prince charmant. Farouk, 30 ans, conseiller en communication, connaît bien le système. Un seul souci, la galère.

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Beaucoup de gays vivent soit en famille soit en couple avec leur femme. De ce fait, rares sont les gays qui peuvent se permettre de recevoir. Et là, la situation se complique, au point de voir les homos se faire embarquer par la police.

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Le conte de fée pourrait donc avoir des allures de cauchemar. Comme beaucoup de jeunes homos, Mahmoud est confronté à des difficultés sociales. La société nous rejette et la religion nous condamne. La boite de nuit : un luxe!

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Hydra, quartier riche situé sur les hauteurs de la Capitale. Pour la plupart, ils ont connu Paris et le Marais. This creative hunger for continued development and new inspiration is what drives our growth. Our internal academy programme can help ensure that you get the necessary continuing education and further training. For us, communication is the key to individual development and an essential strength as a team. Obstacles can only be recognised and headed off through personal exchange. It's fundamental for us that we share relevant information transparently with one another.

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